Expand Your Home Space With A Large Garden Room

Large Garden Room by Rockwood Garden Studios

Do you need more space for your growing family? Perhaps you are just looking for a private area where you can relax in comfort or enjoy your favourite hobbies. If so, then a large garden room could be the ideal answer

A large garden studio will provide you with a space that you can use however you like. The best part is that it will help you make the most out of a big garden that you probably don’t spend that much time in the majority of the year. While large garden rooms may seem expensive, they will also fit a variety of budgets and could even increase the value of your home. 

What Can Large Garden Rooms Be Used For?

The possibilities of how you can use a room like this are absolutely endless. It could be a brilliant space for gaming, filled with your favourite games consoles, a large TV or screen and a great sound system. Or, you could go retro with older games and even luxury choices such as a pool table. 

You can use a room like this for exercise too. With a large garden studio, it can feel like you’re outside, even when you’re in a comfortable space perfect for fitness activities such as:

  • Yoga
  • Weightlifting 
  • Cardio 
  • And More 

Alternatively, you can design a room like this as a grand place to entertain guests or simply enjoy time with the rest of your family in complete comfort. 

A large garden room can even be the perfect space to set up a home office and remain productive while running your business. You’ll have more than enough room for all the tech and furniture you require without feeling cramped when you are seated at your desk. Design this space to maximise productivity, creativity, and innovation to ensure you reach your maximum potential.

Planning permission for a garden room

Beautiful Aesthetic 

Some people worry that large garden rooms are going to be unsightly eyesores, spoiling the overall aesthetic of the home. However, that’s not the case. Instead, large garden rooms are beautiful inside and outside. They can blend seamlessly with the other visual elements of your home. Or, they can stand out as a wonderful centrepiece attraction for your garden. The choice is entirely up to you and these rooms can be custom-built or adapted to your specific requirements and desires. 

Extra Benefits

These large garden rooms provide extra benefits aside from a large space for you to use how you see fit. They have great soundproofing. This ensures that you can watch your favourite shows, throw a dinner party, or play music without disturbing the neighbours and the rest of the family. These rooms are also designed to be comfortable and cosy with fantastic insulation. As such, you can spend time in the room throughout the year. That’s great news if you are using it for work, exercise, or any other type of activity you don’t want to give up when the temperature drops. 

A Unique Space Perfect For You And Your Family

A large garden room can be anything you imagine or require. This can be an ideal space for your needs as well as for other family members. You could use it as an extra play area for the kids. Or, you might want to set it up so that you have a place to relax; a home away from home. Once you have set up your garden room you can add anything you like from technology to different types of furniture and even unique features that you have always dreamed about for your home. 

large garden studio

Do You Require Planning Permission for a Garden Room? 

Are you wondering whether a large garden studio requires planning permission? It depends on the size of the room. If they are smaller than 2.5m in height and take up no more than 50% of the total area, you don’t have to worry about planning permission. While there are exceptions as long as you don’t build a room that scrapes the sky you can have a stress-free experience adding a room like this to your outdoor space. 

There are various reasons why a large garden room could be a wonderful addition to your home. The best part is that you can use a room like this to suit a variety of needs. It can provide a luxurious space for family and guests, a brilliant area for working in complete comfort or a solution if you’re looking for somewhere to work out in peace. If you are keen to find out more about the large garden rooms available from Rockwood Studios, get in touch today. We’re always ready to answer your call on 07715 516395 and can provide plenty of info about the products we provide. 

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