Do you Need Planning Permission for a Garden Room?

Planning permission for a garden room

Planning Permission for Garden Rooms

Rockwood Garden Studios likes to keep the installation as simple and stress-free as possible for our clients – especially when it comes to planning permission for garden rooms. We regularly get queries about it, and Building Regs, so we’ve put together a brief guide which highlights the ways in which our garden studios are designed to meet government legislation.

Is Planning Permission Required for a Garden Room?

Planning Permission is asking permission of your local council, or the government, to carry out building work on your property. Garden studios do not require planning permission as they can be constructed under ‘Permitted Development Rights’ so long as they adhere to the following:

  • They are below 2.5m in height (eaves height).
  • The building takes up no more than 50% of total available area.
  • Your garden room is not constructed in front of your home, where it faces a public road.

There are, of course, exceptions but these apply to a small minority of clients. If you live in a listed property you will, for obvious reasons, need to apply for planning permission. The same applies if you live on a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) as construction could destroy fragile eco-systems. Finally, if you live in a flat or maisonette, you will need planning permission to proceed.

Rockwood garden studios are designed to be within the 2.5 metre height requirement which means they can be constructed under Permitted Development without the need of Planning Permission.

Is Building Regulations Approval Required for a Garden Studio?

Building Regulations help to make sure that new buildings are constructed safely, sustainably, and durably. Once again, you can breathe a sigh of relief as Rockwood garden studios do not need Building Regs approval. 

Building Regs do not apply to garden rooms if:

  • They do not contain sleeping accommodation.
  • The floor area of the building is less than 30 square metres.
  • The structure is either 1 metre from any boundary, or it is constructed substantially of non-combustible materials. This is for buildings over 15 square meters in floor area and up to 30 square meters.

A significant benefit of Rockwood’s Garden Studios non-combustible design is that it overrides the requirement that garden rooms should be built 1 metre from the boundary. As our structures are built from substantially non-combustible materials, they can be constructed right next to the boundary fence or wall. We simply need a minimum of 450mm around for construction purposes.

Planning permission for a garden room

About Rockwood Garden Studios

The team at Rockwood Garden Studios shares a passion for creating good looking, delightfully comfortable garden spaces.

Our fully insulated garden rooms are designed with your comfort as a priority. They combine high-quality contemporary and traditional materials to create unique studio spaces that will last for a minimum of 35 years. Our structures can be enjoyed at any time of the year, so you can use it like other room in your home, and the maintenance requirements are practically zero.

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