Soundproof garden rooms

Create a soundproofed space that elegantly blends form and function.
Soundproof garden room

At Rockwood Garden Studios we use two sets of French doors in a soundproof garden studio whichs helps enhance the soundproofing performance of the space. When two sets of doors are installed, they create an additional layer of insulation, which effectively blocks out external noise and sound escaping. The space between the two sets of doors acts as an airlock, which can reduce sound transmission and increase the soundproofing effectiveness of the studio.

The studio is constructed using advanced soundproofing materials that effectively block out external noise, while the two sets of French doors offer easy access and plenty of natural light. The acoustic glass enhances the soundproofing performance of the studio, creating a tranquil and undisturbed environment for the occupant. This type of garden studio is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a dedicated, soundproofed space that is both stylish and functional.

soundproof garden room at night
rock cladded garden room

Wall Construction​​

Rockwood Garden Studios uses very thick walls which are 300mm wide, the walls are beneficial for soundproofing because they provide a significant amount of mass and density, which is essential for blocking sound transmission. Sound travels through vibrations, and dense materials such as concrete and masonry are effective at absorbing and reducing these vibrations, preventing sound from passing through the walls.

Rock cladding, such as stone or brick, is also helpful for soundproofing because it adds to the mass of the wall and helps to dampen vibrations. The irregular surface of rock cladding can also help to scatter and absorb sound waves, further reducing the amount of noise that passes through the walls.

In addition, rock cladding can improve the soundproofing performance of a garden studio by reducing the amount of sound that reflects off the walls. Sound waves bounce off smooth surfaces, such as concrete or drywall, which can cause echoes and create a reverberant environment. The rough texture of rock cladding can help to absorb these reflections, reducing echoes and improving the overall sound quality within the studio.

Overall, 300mm walls and rock cladding are both excellent choices for soundproofing a garden studio, as they provide mass, density, and absorption, which are all crucial elements in effective soundproofing.

Optional Extras​

We offer a range of additional fittings to help you create the exact garden room space you desire. Please use our Garden Studio configurator to explore the options and prices available. By using our configurator, you can create a truly personalised garden room space that reflects your individual taste and enhances your outdoor living experience.

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