Soundproof garden rooms

Create a soundproofed space that elegantly blends form and function.
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Experience Exceptional Soundproof Garden Rooms

We have a few options for soundproof garden rooms depending on the level of soundproofing you need, we would invite you to visit one or two of our customer's soundproof garden rooms so you can listen first-hand and decide what level of soundproofing you would need. Our valued customers across the country include saxophone players, electronic music producers, pianists, and more, so we can accommodate all levels of soundproofing requirements.

Prices from £1900-4000+ PER SQUARE METRE
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sound proof garden room recording studio

Our Soundproof Garden Room Features

We use a solid concrete base for all soundproof garden rooms to minimise sound leakage.

Our rock cladding plays a is a big part in the soundproofing of the garden room with our normal range of garden room being naturally very quiet and having a noise reduction level of -38db you may not need a soundproof garden room.  

Acoustic laminated glass is fitted as standard for our soundproof garden rooms.

We use two layers of high-density 15mm Soundbloc plasterboard which helps enormously reduce the levels of sound.

We use an acoustic Rockwool type insulation which is manoeuvrable and fits in all the tight gaps leaving no room for sound leakage.

For enhanced soundproofing, we employ a 'room within a room' concept. This involves constructing an interior wall and ceiling that are entirely separate from the exterior structure. By decoupling the inner room from the outer one, we effectively eliminate any transfer of noise through the walls and ceiling, achieving optimal soundproofing.

When implementing this, we also incorporate two sets of French or single doors (See image). These double doors act as a barrier against external noise and temperature fluctuations. This design choice contributes to a more controlled and comfortable environment within the enclosed space, optimising conditions for various purposes such as sound recording studios, home theatres, or other specialised areas where isolation and insulation are crucial. Our pianist customer has praised us for the control he has within his room. The installation of a dual set of doors aims to preserve the aesthetic appeal of a garden room while significantly minimising noise levels.

The walls we create are 230mm thick or 300mm thick for the room within a room.

Please use the contact page to enquire about our soundproof garden rooms.

soundproof garden room double doors
garden room interior kitchen area

Optional Extras​

At Rockwood Garden Studios, we understand that every customer is unique. That's why we offer a range of customisation options for your garden room, including size, layout, cladding, and soundproofing.

From design to installation, we work closely with you to achieve perfection in every detail. Trust us to deliver a beautiful and functional studio that will bring you joy for years to come.

Please use the contact page to let us know your requirements.

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