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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re planning to install a garden room, you’ll probably have lots of questions you want to ask. We’ve gathered together some of the questions that we get asked regularly, as a helpful resource. Hopefully you’ll find what you need on this page. If not, click on the ‘Ask a Question’ button above and we’ll provide a personalised response to your specific query.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm

Saturday & Sunday 10am – 4pm

Our showroom is open by appointment only, please call or email to arrange a viewing.

The most popular is a garden office studio but you could use it in any way you would a normal room in your home.

Some examples being a games room,  Home office, summerhouse, home gym, home cinema, reception room, movie room, outdoor kitchen, marketing office and suite, hot-tub/sauna room (please ask about waterproofing inside), soundproofing and noise suppressed recording studio options available.

We use 100mm insulation as a minimum all around our studio including the floor and roof, the power consumption is very very low in the winter. The studio we have created, utilises better standards than most new build houses.  Unlike most wooden studio offices the density of the rock in the walls is much higher, this will help you keep cool in the summer house, if you wish to spend your time more frequently in the heated days of the summer we can fit air conditioning either as a stand-alone unit or wall mounted device. (please call our team of experts)

In the construction of the studio, we have used real solid rock cladding and metal flashings. We are confident this will outlast the 10-year guarantee with ease. Cleaning the studio with a hose, water and brush is enough.  If you have trees nearby the guttering at the rear will need clearing on occasions.

We install high-quality UPVC doors which are black wood grain inside and out. They are very secure with multi-point locking euro lock system and a set of keys, extra available on request.

(Extra windows/doors we can install. Key to suite option available).

We can also supply the best quality bespoke bi-fold hardwood doors, these are made to order and require a longer lead time.

We are happy to work with your alarm system supplier to connect the Studio office to your existing alarm system.

The outer surface is finished with our rock cladding, this ranges from 20mm – 40mm and is very robust and requires no maintenance, this is mounted onto a 12.5mm fibre cement carrier board. The carrier board is installed onto 25mm breathable timber frame. Next, we have the 1mm waterproof breathable membrane barrier which is installed on the main timber frame which is a 100mm x 50mm stud wall (this also carries the 100mm rockwool insulation). We have generously mounted a 9mm OSB ply board directly behind the plasterboard inside. This can allow any user to easily mount a television or monitors, speaker brackets and shelves anywhere desired. If required we can hide the power source behind most appliances for a cable-free look.

Our studios and garden structures were designed to meet government legislation. The total height of the room is within 2.5 metres allowing the studio office to be placed in your garden using up to no more than 50% of the total available area. A threshold of 30 square metres is in place before planning is required this has been relaxed in some areas. It can be installed at the front of your home as long is it is not forward of the principal elevation on a fronting highway. If your building requires planning permission our planning team will be happy to assist.

The rules do differ slightly for Scotland and Wales so please inquire about installation in these areas.

Our studios are fully tested and certificated, a Part P test of the electrical circuits is supplied by our own team. You can use your own electrical professional if they are happy to work with us. Our buildings use the same standards of fire protection which all modern builds are governed by. Our windows are in compliance with Part L of the regulations in dwellings.

On average even the larger studios take two weeks to complete to a painted finish. With such a quick build we keep the studio build site as clean as possible. 

Our studios are built using very high standards. It is possible to deconstruct the studio however your estate agent will advise that it is a huge asset and focal point of the sale. The cost of relocating would outweigh a new studio when the value added to the property is taken into account. In premium locations, the value added to the property can vastly outweigh the cost of our studio. Estate agents will confirm this. We can always build you a new one.

We can survey the area by video documentation and determine if we can install. If very complicated we will personally survey the site to see if it is possible. As our studio comes in small parts we can build almost anywhere.

Yes, you can, please speak to one of our team we will be happy to help.

All our Studios come with a 10 year Guarantee

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