Soundproof Garden Studios

Soundproof Garden Studios

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Why Soundproof Garden Studios Make Sense

Garden studios extend the possibilities of your home, whether that means the addition of a home office, an art studio, a garden games room, a music studio, or a garden room gym. And whatever you want to use it for, your planning will most likely include specialist equipment, cabling or lighting to ensure the perfect environment. What can often get forgotten, though, is the importance of soundproofing in your garden room.

5 Reasons Why Soundproof Garden Studios Matter

A garden room without soundproofing can create all kinds of problems that may not be evident until you actually start using it. Here’s 5 issues that the Rockwood Garden Studios team has encountered:

  1. Noise Leakage Inwards. Gardens aren’t always the haven of tranquility we’d like them to be. If you live near a school, a railway, or a busy road, soundproofing is important.
  2. Noise Leakage Outwards. Even the friendliest of neighbours may baulk at regular band practice floating over into their gardens!
  3. Household Distractions. If you’re planning to work from home, you’ll need a space free from the kinds of distraction children, dogs or chatting in the garden can produce.
  4. Stress-Free Therapy Rooms. Planning to provide yoga, meditation or exercise classes? The last thing you need is a pneumatic drill in the background.
  5. Chill-Out. Want a space you can escape to where no-one’s going to tell you to turn down the music? You know what you’ve got to do!

Rockwood Insulated Garden Rooms

We provide soundproof garden studios that perform to the highest standards – as our video demonstrates. The acoustic insulation which is needed to prevent noise leakage, inwards and outwards, is cut and fitted through the walls as part of the garden room construction process. Additionally, we fit insulated roof panels, and laminated flooring to ensure a secure seal for all our garden rooms.

Windows and doors are key to effective soundproofing. At Rockwood we fit energy-efficient double-glazed glass with high-quality frames. This provides a range of benefits, including noise reduction, heat retention, energy efficiency and heightened security. All our windows and doors are fitted with high-security multi-point locking systems.

Rockwood soundproof studios are perfect for therapy studios, exercise studios, garden room gyms or home working garden offices. To find out more, give our friendly team a call on 07715 516395

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