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Why a Garden Gym Room Gets You Exercising

Most of us have, at some point, taken advantage of introductory membership offers at our local gym. Only to let our good intentions fall away as the days, weeks and then months pass by. A recent survey looked into the reasons why people put off going to the gym, even when they’ve paid for membership. Top of the public gym aversion charts were:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of confidence (not wanting to exercise in public)
  • Dislike of gym (using equipment after others, waiting for equipment)

Know what would solve all those issues? A garden gym room. If you’re really serious about integrating exercise into your daily routine, what could be better that a private gym with a view of the garden? The Rockwood Garden Studios team has installed quite a few garden gyms in our time, and we’ve seen the difference they can make. So we’ve compiled a list of some of the benefits home gyms offer.

A Private Garden Gym Room

If you don’t enjoy exercising in public, a fully insulated home gym is the perfect alternative all year round. You can shut out the world, play music as loud as you like, and there’s no queuing for equipment. Many people find it important that that they go into a separate space, away from the family, to exercise. What could be better than journeying a few steps through the garden to your very own gym?

Get the Family Exercising

Having a space dedicated to healthy exercise is a great way to get everyone involved. Rockwood insulated garden rooms can be fully customised to include storage space for equipment, so everyone can exercise in the way they want. Add in a comfy sofa and the room can double as a den, or games room.

Create a Schedule That Works For You

One of the real problems with public gyms is that they tend to be a car journey away. And when you’re weighing up whether to have a few extra minutes in bed or go to the gym, the former is likely to win out. With a garden gym room you get both; you can enjoy the time you would have spent driving, snoozing instead, and still be able to fit in a work-out in your garden gym.

Garden Gym Rooms by Rockwood Garden Studios

Garden Gym Rooms Are a Good Investment

Worried about spending money on a private gym? Here’s a few things to consider when wondering whether to invest in a customised garden studio. Gym fees don’t come cheap, especially if you work out the cost of membership for the whole family. Then you need to factor in the travel costs of driving back and forth. Finally think about the health benefits associated with a regular routine of exercise.

Rockwood Garden Gym Rooms

Rockwood garden gyms are constructed from a blend of high-quality traditional and contemporary materials. Combining elegant rock cladding and glass, they look great and can be fitted in any size of garden. Plus, they’re fully insulated, and soundproofed, so it’s a perfect space to shut out the world and concentrate on your exercise routine. The maintenance is practically zero, and they last for at least two decades.

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