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We’re passionate about creating professional, congenial and inspirational garden spaces

At Rockwood we use only high-quality traditional and contemporary materials to design and install our studios. The team is dedicated to creating beautiful garden rooms that turn a vision into reality, and provide practical, fully functioning spaces for use all year round. Once completed, they have a life span of at least three decades, and require only minimal maintenance.

Garden Rooms


Rockwood garden studios are constructed on heavy-duty concrete pile foundations. These provide elevation for the structure, which creates a breathable space below and removes the risk of rising damp or condensation.


Our garden room walls are 200mm thick, and are finished with attractive rock cladding. The corner posts, fascia, door surrounds and decking are covered with plastisol custom metal flashings that create an elegant, contemporary finish. Specialist 100mm interlocking panels are used to create a watertight roof that slopes gently to the rear, draining to black guttering and downpipe.

Garden Room exterior
Garden Rooms doors

Windows & Doors

All of our windows and doors are designed to look stunning, provide the maximum amount of interior light for your studio, and offer the level of security you need to achieve peace of mind. We use high-security multi-point locking systems as these are extremely robust and secure.


Specialist 100mm insulated composite panels interlock to make a solid flooring base, that can take heavy loads. This is finished with laminate flooring of your choice. The interior studio walls are plastered and painted, and are finished with skirting matching the exterior black wood effect.

Our Forest Mountain studios come with 4 internal LED light fittings, and 4 double internal sockets, 2 of which are USB charging. A wall-mounted, or free-standing heater is also included, and low-power white lighting fitted under the exterior canopy.

Garden Room Interior


No planning
permission required
Fully insulated
for all year usage
10 year


Rockwood Garden Studios can be built to any size you wish. Delivery and installation costs are included in the price of the quote, unless the delivery distance is more than 100 miles in which case additional charges are applied. We ask for a 60% first payment to be made 6 weeks before the install date. The remainder to be paid when the job is complete.

The table below allows you to estimate the cost of your garden room according to the size you need. All measurements refer to the external dimensions of the studio, from post to post.

If you wish to calculate the internal size of your studio, simply subtract 0.4 metres from each side. For example, 3×3 becomes 2.6×2.6.

All our studios are designed to be less than 2.5 metres in height, which means that in the vast majority of cases they won’t require planning permission.

  External Width
External Depth 3.0m 3.5m 4.0m 4.5m 5.0m 5.5m 6.0m
3.0m £18,880 £21,500 £23,900 £26,400 £28,600 £30,100 £32,800
3.5m £21,500 £24,400 £27,100 £29,700 £32,000 £34,300 £36,300
4.0m £23,900 £27,100 £30,000 £32,700 £35,100 £37,300 £39,275

For large garden rooms we will price these individually, also discounts for multiple garden studios.

Optional Extras

We offer a range of additional fittings to help you create exactly the garden room space you want.

Electrical Connection

Our fully certified mains connection is calculated at a minimum of £1280. This covers installation of 70 metres 6mm 3 core high voltage armoured cable which runs from your home fuse box to your garden studio. Should extra cable be required it’s charged at £20 per metre. If you require additional electrical works in your home or garden, this can be priced in to the total.

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