Why Choose a Garden Music Studio?

Garden music room

If you’re tired of travelling to music studios (and paying high fees in the process), then building a studio in your garden might be just what you’re looking for.

Soundproof garden studios have become increasingly popular over recent years, particularly during the pandemic. While there are commercial facilities where you can record music (as well as spare rooms in your home), these options aren’t ideal. You either have to pay high fees or risk irritating your neighbours.

Why Build a Garden Music Room?

There are all sorts of reasons to choose a home garden music studio. 

  • It’s more convenient. You don’t have to lug equipment across town. Instead, everything you need is right there, waiting for you to use it. You can start strumming your guitar or playing your electric drum kit the moment the mood strikes you. 
  • It saves money in the long term. While building a soundproof garden office for your music equipment implies an upfront cost, it’ll last a lifetime. Because of this, you could save thousands of pounds in studio fees over the years. If you’re a regular music studio user, creating one of your own could pay for itself in just 36 months. 
  • It might increase the value of your home and allow you to generate rental income. Commercial music studios are expensive, so offering yours for rent could attract musicians from your area and generate a passive income. It could also increase the value of your property when you come to sell. Buyers might use it as a music studio, home office or just a garden room. 
  • It’s soundproof. A soundproofed music studio helps you avoid irritating neighbours or other people in your home. 
  • It keeps your equipment safe. Lastly, today’s garden music studios come with advanced safety features designed to protect your investments. Secure locks, security features and quality construction all help keep criminals out. 

What equipment do you need for a garden music studio?

The equipment that you need for a garden music room is very much the same as you’d find in a regular home studio.

The largest expense is usually your computer and audio workstation software that let you record, edit and mix soundtracks digitally. These come with ports and interfaces that allow you to connect to your musical instruments and other equipment. 

The next biggest expense, aside from instruments themselves, are microphones, headphones and speakers. Good microphones are available for around £200. Quality recording headphones start at around £250, and high-quality speakers from approximately £500.

How Do Garden Music Studios Help You Pursue Your Passion?

While garden music studios offer practical benefits, they also make it easier for you to pursue your passion. Music technicians, aspiring bands, audiophiles, enthusiasts, music teachers, freelance musicians and even professional producers use them. 

When you have a garden music studio, you don’t need to follow anyone else’s schedule. If you want to mix music in the middle of the night, you can. 

Home music studios also let you enhance your skills. You have more time available than at a professional studio where you’re always racing against the clock.

Insulated Garden Rooms

Rockwood Garden Music Studios

Rockwood offers beautifully-designed garden music studios that offer ample space while also keeping your equipment safe.

If you want to learn more, give our team a call on 01280 709618 and find out what we can do for you.

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