Increase Property Value With a Premium Garden Room

timber clad garden room

Are you interested in adding extra value to your home? If so, then you should consider investing in a new garden room. A garden room will provide you with additional living space, immediately raising the value of your home for anyone exploring purchasing a property. In addition to offering extra usable space, a garden room is a versatile solution that can be used for various purposes, including:

  • Garden Office
  • Gym
  • Study
  • Games room
  • Hobby space
  • Storage area
  • Playroom

The possibilities with a room like this are almost endless, allowing you to design it to match your specific needs. Here are some of the key reasons why adding a garden room can increase the value of your home.

Additional Living Space

As mentioned earlier, a garden room offers the advantage of additional living space for your home. This makes it an ideal solution, especially if you have a relatively small interior space but a larger outdoor area. It allows you to maximise the potential of your garden, transforming it from an empty stretch of grass into a functional living area. Moreover, a garden room can help prevent your property from becoming overcrowded with excessive accessories and furniture, providing a dedicated space to free up room in your home.

Highly Desirable 

Garden rooms provide buyers the opportunity to embrace the alfresco lifestyle, seamlessly eroding the boundaries between outdoor and indoor living spaces. Many homebuyers love the idea of a room like this because it provides them with the opportunity to spend more time outside of their home and helps fuel their connection to nature. It can also be a wonderful landscaping feature which ensures that your garden is more beautiful as well as practical. 

Increase your property value with a Timber clad garden room

A Year Round Solution 

Homebuyers often dislike the idea of bidding farewell to their garden at the end of the summer season or having a room that becomes unusable at certain times throughout the year. Unlike a conservatory, which can be too hot in the peak of summer and too cold during winter, a garden room offers significant benefits throughout the year. It serves as a reliable and comfortable space, seamlessly extending your home. Whether you need a tranquil spot to relax, study, focus, or entertain, a garden room provides an inviting environment regardless of the outdoor temperature. For more detailed information on these benefits, feel free to visit our blog, recently selected as one of the top 30 best garden room blogs by FeedSpot.

A Choice For Every Home And Budget

You may have concerns about whether a garden room will fit in your outdoor space or if it will exceed your home improvement budget. At Rockwood Garden Studios, we offer three different types of garden rooms to choose from:

These options vary in size and cost, ensuring that you can find the best fit for your home.

Hassle Free Installation 

Garden rooms offer a hassle-free installation process, whether you decide to undertake it as a DIY project or leave it to the experts. The best part is that they generally don’t require planning permission, as long as they occupy less than 50% of your outdoor space and are not taller than 2.5 meters. This means you can have your garden room installed in less than 2 weeks and potentially put your house on the market just a few months later, without any additional delays or complications.

Unique Selling Point 

In any given area, there will always be numerous homes for sale, especially during the peak summer buying season. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that your home stands out and captures the attention of potential buyers. A beautiful garden room can serve as a unique selling point that sets your property apart. It will attract views for your home and significantly increase the likelihood of receiving offers from interested buyers. By showcasing the added value and appeal of a garden room, you can make your property more enticing and increase its market desirability.

Ideal For Any Lifestyle 

Due to its versatility, a garden room appeals to a wide range of potential buyers. Fitness enthusiasts, work-from-home parents, and retired couples are just a few examples of individuals who would be eager to purchase a home with a fantastic, private space that caters to their specific needs.

As you can see, investing in a garden room from Rockwood Garden Studios has the potential to increase the value of your property and generate more interest from buyers when it comes time to sell. We offer a diverse selection of garden rooms to explore, whether you require a soundproofed space for enhanced productivity or a simple room dedicated to your favourite hobby. Contact us today to learn more about our available rooms and how a private space like this can transform your home.

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