The Benefits of a Garden Room Office

Garden room office

Garden Office With Insulation

Adding an insulated garden office to your house is a cost-effective way to add extra space for anything you may require. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer, breathable, and watertight — all of our Garden Studios are completely insulated as standard, allowing you to work from home comfortably all year.

Despite the fact that our structures are called ‘garden offices,’ and that is the most common use by our customers, they may be used for everything you can imagine – so don’t limit yourself!

In this article we are going to consider the benefits of a garden home office, and consider ways to turn your garden room into a multi-use space: 

What Is An Insulated Outdoor Office? 

An insulated outdoor office is a well-made structure that is fully separate from the house and constructed with the same high-quality materials used in modern homes. As an added benefit, you’ll have a separate room that functions as an extension of your home and is fully comfortable to use in any season.

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Garden Office?

Our garden room studios are designed to meet government legislation and are less than 2.5 metres in height. This means that in the vast majority of cases they won’t require planning permission.

5 Benefits Of Installing a Garden Room Office

1. All Year Round Access

A garden office studio allows you to work from home all year, ensuring that productivity remains high regardless of the weather. You would believe that a garden office is just good for working in the summer (after all, it’s in the garden), but our sophisticated insulation layers and heating keep the cold out during the winter months, keeping you comfortable inside while providing stunning winter views.

2. Fewer Home Distractions 

Having a workplace that is fully independent of the main house allows you to be free of the home’s noises, stresses, and daily distractions. This means you can concentrate entirely on the job at hand when you’re at work.

3. A Professional Environment

A garden office room, rather than a room in your house, can provide more professional working. You may have a video conference in comfort in knowing you won’t be interrupted by a barking dog, a playing child, or a ringing doorbell because you’re in a private area away from the house’s noise and distractions. Furthermore, if your firm requires clients to visit from time to time, it is far more professional to keep your personal and professional lives separate.

4. Better Work-Life Balance

It’s much easier to keep your personal and professional lives apart now that your office is detached and at the end of the garden. Maintaining a clear line between these two aspects of your life is beneficial to the entire family, not just you.

5. No Renting Office Space 

Renting office space entails a lot of expenditures, and your rent payments will ultimately be worthless in terms of investment. When you add a well-built garden office structure to your home, you’re adding value in the form of additional usable space. Furthermore, in a short period of time, you will have recouped the money you would have spent on rent to pay for your building.

A Garden Office the Family Get to Share

What happens, though, when other members of the family decide they want a piece of the action? The truth is Rockwood’s fully insulated garden room offices look and feel so good that it’s no wonder children, teens and partners want to create their own garden retreat.

Luckily, there are a number of ways to make this happen. Our insulated garden rooms are designed to be a flexible space that can be used day or night, winter, or summer. We’ve seen a number of creative garden office ‘shares’ in our time, so here’s some ideas that might suit the needs of your family.

garden room office

A Few Bright Ideas for Multi-Purpose Garden Office Use

First you need to find out what everyone wants to use the garden studio for; then you can get creative about finding the solution.

Plan for Multi-Purpose Use

If you know that the space will be used for a number of different purposes from the start, you can plan accordingly. Zoning is a good way to do this. Suppose you need an area for meditation, a garden office, and a music studio in the evening. You can create different areas of the room using furniture, and lighting, to fulfil everyone’s needs.

Partition Your Garden Office

Use room dividers to create an area for your office, and an alternative space for a garden gym or art studio. We’ve seen this work particularly well with the use of plants and directional lighting to create discrete areas of activity. Clever storage is important to this approach – such as benches that can be used to sit and store, or multi-coloured baskets arrayed on wall shelves.

Book Time Out 

Be creative with time! Most families operate on different time zones, so a booking system can expand options for a share of the garden studio. First of all, decide on office hours – once these are set, everything else is up for grabs. Evenings, weekends, early morning all become available, and our fully insulated garden room offices are cosy in the winter and evenings, and light and airy in the spring and summer.

Family Time in the Garden Studio

Whilst multi-use garden room spaces are often about creating flexible spaces for different activities, they can also be a space for shared family time. Rockwood garden studios look beautiful when lit indoors and out. Why not use the space as a home cinema in the evening, or as an inside/outside space on summer evenings with friends?

Rockwood Garden Studios

Inspired by the benefits and multi-use possibilities of our Garden Studios?  The materials used to construct Rockwood Garden Studios are a mix of old and contemporary. The combination of elegant rock cladding, glass, and metal creates an all-weather refuge in your outdoor space. They may be placed in any size garden, they have a three-decade life expectancy and require very little upkeep. Our garden studios can be soundproofed and are thoroughly insulated, making them ideal for socialising, reading, or regular exercise.

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