Run Your Beauty Business From Home With a New Garden Salon

Garden salon

Are you running a business in the beauty industry? Perhaps you are thinking about starting your own beauty salon. Regardless, you could benefit from setting up a garden salon at your home. Garden salons will provide you with the perfect place to work and provide the services that your clients desire without some of the downsides of paying for a full business property. A garden beauty room will also ensure that you can utilise your home for work without worrying about taking away an area of your home. Let’s explore some of the wonderful benefits that a garden salon will provide and why this could be the best choice. 

Perfect For Any Beauty Business 

A garden salon can be a versatile space, suitable for any type of beauty business. Whether you are a beauty therapist, nail technician, hair stylist, or masseuse, you can use a space like this to meet your clients and provide the appropriate service. A garden space like this can be set up with everything that you need and will be large enough to ensure that your clients are comfortable and content. You can even change the aesthetic to ensure that it is warm and welcoming or modern and sophisticated based on your clientele. Choose the design that fits your business and your brand. 

Reduce Your Costs 

If you are setting up your first business, you always need to consider the costs. One of the most expensive upfront costs will be purchasing or renting a business space. With a garden salon, you can eliminate this issue completely. You won’t have to worry about a monthly rental charge eating into your budget. You also won’t have to panic about paying to buy an expensive building. A large garden room like this will fit into any business budget whether you are managing a growing company or a budding startup. 

Create A Calming Space 

Peace and serenity are something that many beauty business clients will expect when they visit a beauty parlour. This can be difficult to achieve if you are inviting clients to visit you at a city address. It’s far easier if you choose to welcome them to a garden room at your home. As mentioned, these rooms can be designed with everything that you need to ensure that they do provide the perfect aesthetic. They also provide a fantastic level of noise insulation. This means that you don’t need to worry about your client’s calm being disturbed by outside distractions. These spaces can be private too while still providing plenty of windows to ensure the right level of natural light. 

Furthermore, by setting up a garden salon, you can create a beautiful biophilic design. This will help your clients fuel their connection to nature, enabling them to feel far more relaxed overall. 

Use It For Clients All Year Round 

Don’t worry about downtime in your business when the temperature drops below zero or it’s heating up through the summer months. These large garden rooms are designed to stay at the right temperature all year round, providing a cosy space through winter and a cool area during the hot summer months. This means that you can continue to provide your services to clients, uninterrupted without any issues. 

Get The Benefits Of Working From Home 

A garden beauty salon will provide you with the opportunity to run your business or side hustle from home. This means that you get all the benefits including skipping the Monday rush or dull commute while gaining more time with your family and friends. At the same time, you don’t need to worry about your business life taking over your personal world. With a large garden room, the two can remain completely separate while ensuring that your workspace is still no more than a stone’s throw away. 

A Charming Addition To Your Property 

You might worry that a garden beauty room will spoil the look and feel of your garden space. However, that’s not the case. Instead, these can blend seamlessly in with your garden and won’t look out of place at all. They might even add value to your home as a room like this can have a wide range of uses beyond a modern beauty parlour. 

No Planning Permission Required

While these garden rooms are roomy, if they are smaller than 2.5m in height and take up less than 50% of the surface area, they won’t require planning permission. As such, you can add a garden salon to your home quickly and easily. 

As you can see, there are countless reasons why a garden beauty salon could be the ideal next step for your thriving beauty business. If you are keen to learn more about the garden beauty rooms available from Rockwood Garden Studios, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at 07715 516395. We’ll be happy to provide a lot more advice, info, and inspiration. 

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