5 Autumn Garden Room Ideas

Autumn Garden Room ideas

As the clocks go back and the dark nights draw in, it’s time to transform your garden studio into a cosy autumn retreat. Fully insulated garden rooms can be used throughout the year, so you can snuggle up and enjoy the colourful autumnal display outside. To get you in the mood, the Rockwood team has come up with 5 autumn garden room ideas to try out.

1. Autumn Decor Ideas for Garden Rooms

The Nordic countries are masters of the game when it comes to celebrating the chillier months of the year, so apply a little hygge to your garden room. Hygge is all about appreciating the pleasure of being warm, and having family or friends around you when it’s cold outside. So add some autumnal colours to your studio with cushions, throws, blankets and rugs. Then sprinkle with some twinkling lights and enjoy!

2. Retreat to Your Garden Room With a Book

Autumn is a spectacular season, no matter the size of your garden. So don’t miss out. Take a few books into your autumnal retreat and settle down under a throw, with a hot drink, and let the afternoon unfold. Lose yourself in a novel, daydream as you watch the leaves swirl, and allow yourself to drift off as twilight comes in.

3. Create a Garden Bar for Friends

What could be better than a bar in your garden that’s open, no matter the weather. Stock up with your favourite tipples and invite friends or family to enjoy it with you. Themed evenings are a great way to get through autumn and winter, so ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at fireworks whilst enjoying a gin cocktail or create a Christmas hideaway for mulled wine in the depths of winter.

4. Enjoy Films in Your Home Cinema

Love film? Then make an event of it by creating a garden room cinema. Unleash the aroma of fresh popcorn, provide cushions and throws for all, and snuggle down to enjoy. Host a film night for friends or make it a regular date night with your partner. Get your family to vote for their favourite film and kick the weekend off with a treat.

5. A Chill Room for Your Kids

When the outdoor activities of summer get closed down by darker nights, your home can suddenly feel rather crowded as everyone heads indoors. A garden room is a great ‘breakout’ space for your kids, especially if they’re in their teens and looking for somewhere to hang out with friends. They get some privacy, whilst you get peace of mind knowing they’re just at the bottom of the garden.

Rockwood Garden Studios

Inspired by our 5 autumn garden room ideas? Rockwood garden studios are made from a blend of traditional and contemporary materials. Elegant rock cladding combines with glass and metal to create an all-weather retreat in your garden. They can be installed in any size of garden, and the design is stunning. Our garden studios are fully insulated, and soundproofed, so it’s a perfect space for socialising, reading or regular exercise.

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