Find a New Way to Relax and Unwind With a Great Garden Bar

Garden Bar

Are you interested in improving your garden space and ensuring it’s the perfect space to spend an evening? If so, then you should consider adding a garden bar to your property. This addition can make every day feel like a wonderful relaxing Friday with a trip to your own private pub at the end of your garden. Elevate your outdoor space with a new addition you’ll always want to return to. 

Why Add A Garden Bar To Your Home 

There are countless reasons to add a garden bar to your property. A feature like this is sure to make your neighbours green with envy and be a focal feature when you have guests over to visit. 

It can also be a wonderful space where you can relax in the evening and share drinks with the rest of the family. This is the ultimate addition to your home if you want to embrace the alfresco lifestyle through the summer evenings and chill outside your home.  

Choose Your Garden Bar Design 

There are lots of different types of garden bar designs to choose from. At Rockwood Garden Studios, we provide completely sheltered and insulated garden bars that can provide the perfect, private and comfortable space in your garden. Since these are under 2.5 metres in height they won’t require any planning permission

Ensure that your bar stands out with the ultimate aesthetic and fits in beautifully with the overall design of your property. Your garden bar can be completely separate from the rest of your home and built as the perfect retreat or place to enjoy an evening with friends. 

Specific Features 

You need to think about the specific features that will make your garden bar a dream come true and your personal haven. Consider the different seating options from comfortable sofas to stools for your guests. 

Decide whether you want your bar to have a theme and choose the right accessories to match. You’ll need plenty of accessories to complete your bar including glasses, coasters and perhaps even a cocktail shaker if you want to dazzle and delight any visitors. 

You can even add more luxurious and exciting features from gaming areas to your own hot tub. The possibilities are virtually endless! 

Invite Your Guests

Once you have chosen your garden bar design and kitted it out with the right features, you’ll be ready to invite your guests around for a drink or two. Make sure that you stock up an eclectic variety of drinks and beverages for the perfect summer evening with friends and family alike. Don’t forget, with a covered and insulated garden bar from Rockwood you can enjoy this space all year around. 

As you can see, a garden bar can be the perfect addition to your home. If you are interested in learning more about garden bars from Rockwood Garden Studios and how we can create the perfect space outside your home, get in touch today on 07715 516395. We can help you bring to life the incredible outdoor bar you have always longed for. 

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