Discover Our New Garden Room Configurator

At Rockwood Garden Studios, we’re making it easier than ever before to see what your finished garden room could look like and the practical benefits it could provide with our new garden room configurator. Interested in adding a garden room to your property? Our 3D tool can help you create the perfect space for your personal or professional needs, and increase the usable space in your home.

What is the Garden Room Configurator?

The Garden Room Configurator is a piece of software integrated into our website that allows you to create a complete digital representation of your garden room. Using our garden room builder, you’ll be able to see the finished room and explore the new levels of space it can provide for your home.

Once you get started using the Garden Room Configurator, you can choose to view three different styles of garden rooms as your initial design, before customising various elements such as:

  • Size
  • Materials
  • Doors
  • Colours

Each time you change a detail, the design of your garden room will update in real time to give you a clear view of what it will look like when the room is finished. You can alter the size or colour of the room to find the perfect choice for your garden, ensuring it provides the right level of space and aesthetic features.

Flooring and interior features can also be selected through the Garden Room Configurator. While these won’t be viewable in the 3D model, they’ll be added to your final estimate.

Once you’re happy with your final design, you can use the AR (augmented reality) feature on your phone to discover a hyper-realistic interpretation of how your garden room will look in your chosen space. This will also allow you to choose the perfect position and area for your garden room before committing to a purchase. At the end of the design process, our Garden Room Configurator provides a cost estimate, allowing you to adjust your design to fit your budget.

Benefits of Using the 3D Configurator

With our 3D configurator, you can bring your ideas and concepts for a garden room to life and explore a user-friendly digital tool that allows you to make all the key changes you need.

Our tool enables you to create a custom garden room that fits perfectly with your specifications, needs, and requirements. By accessing a 3D interpretation, you can clearly view what your garden room will look like. This means there’s no risk of aesthetic issues with the room, and instead, you’ll be able to see a clear representation of the final product.

The configurator is accessible through most tablets and computers, and you can explore the augmented reality (AR) feature with virtually any smart mobile device.

As you can see, our new garden room builder allows you to bring your garden room ideas to life like never before. You can explore everything from the layout, cladding, and soundproofing options with just a quick click of a button before purchasing your dream garden room from Rockwood Garden Studios. Start designing your new private garden space today!

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